Green Cabinets

At Norcraft Cabinets, we want to ensure we are minimizing our environmental impact. Being "green" is a priority, and we take it seriously. We take part in a number of different programs to help give back to the environment, ensuring we are keeping our initial impact as low as possible, and giving back to the environment as we take from it. We want to give back to the planet, and make sure that future generations are positively impacted from our effects on the environment.

One of our biggest programs giving back to the environment is our 10K Trees program. In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we are working to plant 10,000 trees each year. As we take more and more trees to build homes, make paper, and countless other uses, our forests are shrinking. Our measure to counteract that is to try and plant as many trees as possible to regrow what we are using. Our planet has an incredible ability to sustain itself through the environment. However, we need to do our part to ensure we are providing a greater good for Earth.

Ways we are staying green:
  • Replanting trees to replace those used in manufacturing
  • Reducing waste through reuse of materials and recycling of reusable material
  • Using green-certified technology to reduce consumption
  • Using 4-day work weeks to reduce emissions and energy usage
  • Raw materials purchased from domestic, managed forests
  • Packaging and Shipping boxes are made of recycled materials
  • Particle board used is EPP Certified and made from recycled wood
  • Composite board is C.A.R.B Phase II Reduced Formaldehyde Emissions certified
  • Most shipping carriers are partners in the EPA's SmartWay program

As you can see, being green and bringing green cabinets and products to our consumers is something we have built our company and operations around. We have designed our company from the ground up to be eco friendly, and to bring greener ideas to an industry so rich in lumber. It is our responsibility to provide resoration to our planet, and we will continue to find new ways to reduce our impact while continuing to provide a strong, beautiful, and long lasting cabinet or vanity for your project.

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