Arbor Day Foundation

Arbor Day Foundation

a small contribution can leave a big mark

We've been partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation since April 2011. Every year, Norcraft Cabinetry works with the Arbor Day Foundation to encourage homeowners to plant trees. Our goal is to plant 10,000 trees each year—that is more than one tree per hour in 365 days!

And homeowners don't need to break a sweat or pick up a shovel! Simply register your purchase of Norcraft Cabinetry, and in your honor, we will plant a tree. While you enjoy your brand new kitchen, a young tree will be growing because of you.

How To Participate

Register by clicking the imagew below and we will plant a tree. It's as easy as that.

  • Step One: Click the image link above to go to our registration page
  • Step Two: Register and submit your order/line number or dealer name and location
  • Step Three: We will plant your tree - you will receive notification once your information has been received.

Giving back to the environment is something we take seriously. Without "green" efforts like this, we will quickly destroy the planet we call home. We strive to bring you the best products made to the highest standards, and that includes environmental standards as well.

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