The 3 R's

Many people have heard of the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. As simple as these rules may seem, it is not always as easy to put them into practice at a corporate level. At Norcraft Cabinetry, we have incorporated these ideas into the forefront of our business, and have built our processes around these values. It is our everyday responsibility to ensure we are fulfilling our social responsibility to the environment, as well as providing a green cabinet for your home.


We have been taking measure to reduce our impact on the environment in many different ways. We have reduced our energy consuption and waste output by switching to a 4-day work week. We reduce our impact on the environment by purchasing lumber for our cabinets from managed farms.


In order to cut down on our environmental impact, we use 100% recycled materials in our packaging. We also use recycled paper for printing, as well as recycling any old printouts we no longer use. By making sure we are bringing in recycled matrials and properly recycling our used waste materials, we keep the reuse of products going and ensure that waste is kept to a minimum.


In addition to reusing recycled matrials, we also recycle our used pieces and scraps from the manufacturing process. Our facilities are filled with recycling bins, collecting scrap wood, used stain canisters, paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, and metal. By minimizing our waste and recycling what we don't use, we are providing new recycled resources to those who need it.

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