A selection of Toe Kick and Base Options for Cabinets from Norcraft Cabinetry

Toe Kick and Base Options

The cabinets from Norcraft Cabinetry have a variety of different options available that allow them to fit any space and style. The toe-kick and base options provide a multitude of design styles to your vanities and cabinets, and come in a number of different styles for a variety of uses.

Our Toe Kick bases come in three varieties: Finished (recessed), Flush, and Valence (open).

Finished is great for kitchens and bath vanities, and allows your foot to rest underneath the cabinets for when you are standing close. It also lays flat to the ground, preventing things from falling under your cabinets. Our second option, the Flush toe-kicks, are great for most cabinet uses. They go straight to the floor, and give a spot for moulding to be attached. This is excellent if you are looking to maintain a unified look across your walls and cabinet spaces. Valence toe kicks, our third option, are available through out Vanity Program. Read more about the kinds of valence options below.


Furniture Base Options

Furniture Base Platform Options open up the space much further, providing a platform for your vanities to rest on. This provides layers of customization to your vanities in the form of edge options and foot & valence options. We utilize three different edge options: square edge, single bead edge, and triple bead eadge. Each one of these platform options provides a different look, and accent the variety of vanity door styles.

Once the edging is selected, you can choose from our three valence styles, or one of our six different foot options to raise your vanity up off of the floor. Each option provides a unique style, allowing you to find the one that fits with your home styling design.

Our Valence Toe Kicks are available in three different styles: Arch, Corbel, and Bookcase. Valence toe kicks elevate the vanity with specially cut bottom pieces, which come in three styles. Available through our vanity program, valence options open up your space, allowing you to get under your vanity for cleaning. It allows you access with your feet when standing close, while providing more visual coverage than the foot options.

The foot options are more stylized than the valence option, and provide a more open base to your vanity. They come in 6 different styles to fit any home design.

The possibilities are limitless. Toe Kick and Base options are part of our Vanity Program, and are available for any cabinets we offer. Start your cabinet solution by Finding A Retailer near you. You can also utilize our Cabinet Design Finder to view our various cabinets and find the one that is right for you. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us and we will answer your questions as soon as we can.