Floating Shelf Installation Instructions

-Download the Instructions PDF

Designed for walls with conventional wood studs and 1`/2" drywall.

Use at minimum 5/16" x 3 1/2" lag bolt with flat washer. Do not use drywall or deck screws.

If metal studs, concrete block, pored solid concrete, or old lath and plaster, check hardware store for appropriate fastener.

  1. Determine where the shelf is to be located.

  2. Locate studs.

  3. Transfer stud location to back of shelf and drill 5/16" hole to allow for lag bolt.

  4. Drill 3/16" matching pilot hole in wall.

  5. Fasten shelf to wall with lag bolt and washer. Need bolts in every stud.

  6. Pin bottom of shelf in place to hide underside and give a clean look.