Oven Cabinet Installation Instructions

-Download the Instructions PDF

Parts List

  • 1--Oven Support Shelf
  • 1--Shelf Support Braces
  • 1--Face Frame Cleat
  • 6--#8 x 1" Screws

Tools Required:

  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Portable Jigsaw

Important: To ease the job of cutting the cabinet face, cut the oven opening to size with the cabinet lying on its back (see Step 2).

Plan the vertical position of the oven opening to allow for enough space to attach the optional Oven Trim Kit.

  1. Remove the Drawers and the four screws from the back of the cabinet. The Screws secure the two back shelf support braces.

  2. To determine the oven opening size (rough-in dimensions), refer to the oven manufacturer's specifications. Position the oven so a minimum of 3" frame rail is left above or below the oven to retain ridigity of the cabinet face frame. Larger ovens will require that one or more frame rails be removed. Do not cut the opening larger than the maximum opening sizes shown.

  3. Remove all frame rails to accommodate the larger oven opening by carefully removing the frame screws for the rear of the face frame. The 6" frame rail is then repositioned at the top of the next drawer opening.

  4. Measure from the inside bottom of the cabinet bottom up to the top edge of the cleat attached to the back of the 6" frame rail. Use this measurement to cut the back shelf support braces to the desired length.

  5. Reattach the shelf support braces to the cabinet back using screws that were removed in step 1.

  6. Place the oven support shelf back in position on top of the face frame cleat and shelf support braces. Reinstall screws to hold in place.

  7. Install the Oven Trim Kit accessory according to the instructions in the kit (available through your Mid Continent distributor). Not locations of any drawers.

  8. Install the oven cabinet according to the base cabinet installation insturctions attached to all the sink front, sink base and blind corner cabinets.

  9. Install oven according to oven manufacturer's specifications. Certain models require a depth of 24" from the face of the cabinet frame. These installations require the back to be cut out of the cabinet.